otecWho is blessed John? Evaluation of his activity by society and press reflects all range: from enthusiastic worship to fierce aversion. Fearless, fiery, zealous – people call him Blessed John or simply father John.  His secular name was Veniamin Jakovlevich Bereslavsky. He has gained popularity as a musicologist, a linguist, a writer and a teacher of Philosophical faculty of Moscow State University. However, he suddenly breaks off with a habitual way of life, shocking the public with his sudden choice and immerses himself in the Divine mysticism and religious philosophy.

Comprehending the greatest religious secrets and having received from people a name “blessed” he tries to answer the most complicated questions which mankind is facing in the XXI-st century and that’s what radically distinguishes him from crusty and bookish traditional forms of belief. As a spiritual leader and an outstanding thinker of the present, Blessed John possesses the elder’s and prophetical charisma, revealing beauty and riches of the Divine Knowledge accessible to him in a variety of forms. As the spiritual pastor - he inherits the tradition of holy fathers un-acquisitive, selfless spirit-carrying Orthodoxy, and light-centered Christianity, placing an emphasis on sanctity ways through practice of sacred fathers-devotees. In personal and church experience and also theologically, he perfectly well reveals the aspects of spirituality not only for the present but also for the long perspective in future.

Now father John is the most outstanding researcher in the whole world in the field of philosophical thought, theology and divinity. As the leading expert in Russia on the phenomena and revelations of the Mother of God worldwide and the author of extensive researches about oeuvre of outstanding thinkers he perfectly well unravels the secrets of Divine revelations, ancient manuscripts, Holy Scriptures. For today the multivolume composition of his works are represented in a huge library where it is possible to spend the whole life studying. It’s no wonder there is so ambiguous attitude towards him from the adherents of traditional religious forms, already becoming obsolete today, for whom the philosophical and religious thought is almost madness and temptation...

As the writer, the prophet and the outstanding thinker of the present Blessed John is the author of more than 350 most unique books, each of which is a masterpiece of spiritual co-authorship with Divine Knowledge of Creator. His books are translated into different languages; they are equally read by people of different age, regardless of an occupation and a focus of interest.

otec-mikrBlessed John has participated in some international congresses. Simultaneously with intense creative work and service he constantly gives vicarial-theological talks (seminars) on which hundreds of people are present. His activity has obtained the international recognition: he received a degree of the honorable doctor of Alabama University (USA).

1992г. Blessed John participated in the International inter-denominational Congress in Montreal where headed by him spiritual «Mother of  God Center» has been accepted as a full member of the International Council of Communal Churches (International Council of Community Churches; I.C.C.C.)


sobor1993 Father John blest and headed the first All-Russia Penitential Forum which took place on the 12-14th of June 1993 in St.-Petersburg. The repentance in sins has been brought not only by individuals but also for the whole communities and on behalf of professions, cities, church and all Russia.


seo1994 Father John and priests has met with the well-known figure of  Zen-Buddhism doctor Seo Kueng Bo, the professor of east divinity, theologian and the teacher (South Korea), who specially for this purpose came to Russia.




Since 1994 members of Japanese «Mother of God Center» regularly train at spiritual school of blessed John. On the 24-th of August 2003 blessed John's School accepts the Japanese Community in spiritual Eucharistic dialogue.


1995 The World Marian Congress with participation of blessed. John has taken place in Russia where were present visionaries and visitors from the former USSR, Germany, the USA, Canada, Japan, Mexico, Singapore and France.


2001 America.   After Manhattan’s tragedy father John has spent a number of conferences and participated in a number of telecasts in New York, the State of Alabama, Detroit, Ohio and other cities revealing the spiritual reasons of American tragedy.


2000-2002   Mission of Blessed John and pupils of his Spiritual School in Italy and France. They have spent dozens of seminars and conferences in different cities.
2002 Followers of Blessed John’s School had a mission in Canada, co-operating with Marian visionary, spiritual, the former prisoner of Gulag, the artist Josyp Terelya

2002-2003   Mission of pupils of Blessed John’s School in Croatia and Bosnia. Tens of conferences with his participation have taken place in Zagreb and Split.

Since 2003 books of father John translated into different languages were present at the International Book Exhibitions in Frankfurt (Buchmesse) in Germany.

2003 A personal meeting of Blessed John’s secretary with John Paul II has taken place in his Banja Luka’s residence.



2003  Mission of priests of Blessed John’s School in India where they met with leaders of spiritual movements of India.


On the 24th of September 2004 Russian Community in America has been accepted into «Eucharistic dialogue» by the«Mother of God Center».



February 2005  A meeting of Blessed John with the leader of Sufi Muslim movement Shaykh  Nazim al-Hakkani and his followers has taken place in Cyprus.



During spiritual service of Blessed John there were witnesses of numerous miracles of people’s healings from serious illnesses and cancer. 


Father John has participated in 26 Mother of God’s Forums in Russia, Ukraine, Croatia and Spain where there were thousands of followers of Blessed John’s School present.

Articles of Blessed John have been published in hundreds of large editions of newspapers and magazines.

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