Cathar Spirituality


catarCatharism had given not only a unique type of spirituality of Christ, but a unique mankind as well. The spirituality of God was closed from uninitiated ones. The Cathars were widespread because of a type of Kind People (Bons Hommes) that had been formed around the Chalice. They were shining with unearthly light. People were asking: "Who are they? How could these angels be embodied in humanity?"

Indeed, many Cathars had heavenly rapt bodies, and they were able to "dematerialize": to ascend to heavens and to come back to earth. Incessant transfigurations were going on. Earthly time duration perforated: time was passing by, it was forgotten. There was no death. Old age didn't come. Even if the deceased found their peace in special myrrh pouring caves of Grail, they resurrected, came and edified in divine bodies.

The way of Love

There was an incessant mystery in Montsegur: Christ's Kingdom was getting settled in within the Cathar capital, the High Mountain .

The Grail was sculpturing new mankind: pure ones, new family - pure one, the family of the Perfects, in Holy Spirit, not from this world, anointed with myrrh. New ideal: divinization. New abodes: chaste ones.

But miraculous kindness was gained not only charismatically or under the action of divine rays of the Holy Grail. There was supposed to be an endless work over oneself as well.

The Cathars were edifying not through reading books, by school desk or student blackboard, but through the sanctity of each other. Sacred kindness of the Chalice and creativity of a new man was passing from one to another. It was impossible not to imitate this perfection. It conquered with its spirituality. Kindness was revealed by itself. All the lusty intentions, all the mean passions, family magnets, and fatal programs disappeared.

The Savior had founded a school of love on the Montsegur. The power of love should have been placed over any other spiritual practice: over repentance, over transformation, over inner feats.

The unique way of virgin love had been revealed on Montsegur. Lust can be overcame not by the "mortification" or ascetic efforts, but by inflaming of the candle in a heart - by the love of Christ, that gets full control over the disciples.

On Montsegur the Savior pictured the way of love like that:

1. to see God through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit
2. to disavow completely of the old essence for the obedience in the Church of Holly Ones
3. to give necessary vows (of chastity, fellowship, fearlessness, poverty, obedience, imitation of Christ, infinite ascent, Consolamentum)
4. to go through the fight with devil
5. to overcome a flesh, old human and his seven enemies inside of oneself
6. to limit oneself with the language of love, Wisdom, and the Passions
7. to thirst for more and more all the time, not being satisfied with what one has already achieved
8. to be called up for the great feat once (for that one should prepare and be awaiting for the call)

Cathar transfiguration

Not any other metanoya (transfiguration), even the ascetic one, the on that is accorded to the ideals of "holy fathers", has ever been achieved so unbelievably fast and easily as the Cathar one.

There is only one restriction (the asceticism, the vow, and the commandment) and this restriction is love. Having entered it souls accustomed to new space and experienced an unprecedented spiritual raise, in spite of multiplying sorrows and fights.

The prayer flew. The Lord did not step back, despite the most difficult grieves and external crises. The soul gained peace that can not be got in any other way. Annunciation was becoming phenomenal. The unknown by humanity space was revealing. And there was a will to give it to as much people as possible for they to come into the spiritual joy of incessant Consolamentum or the flight of a white eagle (the soaring of the Holy Spirit).

We astonished our enemies because we did not resort to the language of weapon. We were afraid of noting. We knew that the pick of the way of love is a great feat and we were waiting for our hour. It will be on time, not sooner or later.


The Cathar Triumph of Virginity

devThe mystery of virginity, its gates had been revealed to them, as to no one else among Adamites. The Grail surrounded itself with the castle of eternal virginity and was giving from its endless light bearing sources. The Cathars literally bathed in the rays of eternal virginity. Through the eternally virginal eyes they looked at Jesus, Mary, and St. Joseph . They appealed to the latter one: engage us with the two Chosen ones, two ways to heavens - Jesus and Mary.

Christ of the Montsegur Grail opened untouched promised lands of virginity. Above the Montsegur Mountain he opened new heavens.

It's difficult to achieve virginity in this world

It's hard to achieve virginity in this world. It is necessary to leave the world and all its temptations - but even this is not enough. Difficult fights wait for a zealot. The prince of the world leaves him only with a battle. One should stand the test and in fact accomplish a feat, and by that testify the faith in virginal Jesus and Mary.

The Cathars completely denied lust

The Cathars completely denied lust as it is, in any its demonstrations. They wanted to expel the root of lust. They were cursing the tree of lust day and night, as a fruitless fig-tree that is dried by the anger of God.

A man has no exterior enemies

A man has no exterior enemies, according to the teaching of Cathar elders. A human has only one enemy, and that is lust, that had eaten into his inner. Conceive a hatred for it, expel it. It is an illusion, it doesn't exist. Shake it of, as ash, and gain eternally virginal body - one of the immortal ones, and you will become similar to heavenly angels.

Virginal garments

The Cathars' favorite topic was virginal garment, virginal flesh. The one gained it becomes free of physical inclinations.

One should be born by the Virgin Most Pure in order to get from Her virginal garments (virginal body, one of 12 immortal ones). The Savior as well as Mother of God had come to this world in virginal bodies. He had human appearance and a physical body (similar to humans', but without lust and evil), but he also had heavenly garments, that were virginally perfect. The Virgin Most Pure conceives Her disciples from above and gives them these garments, not drawing Her glance aside from Christ - Holy Spirit. The Consolamentum is impossible without them.

The Cathars against the devil

"Do not search for anything but virginity if you want to get out of the order of this damned world and its master, the devil. Virginity will give you a discernment of spiritual eyes. It will bring peace, offer thousands of advantages will sculpture new human, will open new expanses for flights and raptures. Virginity will reveal to you yourself, what you are in the plan of the Most High. Virginity will change you beyond recognition, open unthinkable spiritual potential of divinization, matrimony with God, becoming Christ."

"Virginity will bring you back into Father's embrace. It will open your sight upon God, nearest ones, yourself, the whole creationв". About these heavenly mysteries you may talk only in the conditions of virginity.

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