God of Love and Bons Hommes



dobrThe Cathars rose heavenly perfect love into the one of the highest virtues. The fruits of penitence were always judged by special, Cathar, comparable to nothing else, kindness, that is impossible to find anywhere else.

The transfigured human essence shines with angelic kindness. And this kindness is of a special kind - the warmth of the Holy Spirit fire, an unquenchable wick in the lungs. Kindness-love, willingness to serve till the end, without bounds, without laws, without definitions is endlessly attractive. Kindness that needs nothing more, kindness itself, kindness that gives peace and joy, kindness that is possible in a transfigured person.
The veritable kindness could be gained among Cathars.

The Cathars considered kindness as a special state that is inherent only in pure ones. They denied its presence in not transfigured Adamites. Rex Mundi, the lord of this world is a dissembler. He only pretends that he is kind. His kindness is a lightly decorated evil. No matter if a decrepit person is good or malicious, it is spreading Rexmundian gluttony and indefinite passions. Kindness is precious in victors, transfigured ones.

How does it reveal? It reveals only in the purist kindness, in the flow of never-ending kindness.

The Cathars ask to accept kindness as an existential, as a durable condition of the full renunciation of thoughts, concerns, and other temptations of this world.
God is kind, and he wills to pass His kindness over to creation. Cathar kindness is in the image and likeness of kind God. It is a symptom of victory over Rexmundian distorting mirrors. It is a reward for series of disavowals and inevitable feats on the way out of concentration zone.


Peace given by Jesus is impossible without this kindness as a heavenly charisma.

Yes, the peace not-of-this-world peace! Deny not "the world", but the prince of the world, the source of evilness. And an indescribable peace will be given in the inside. "Peace comes after endless fights" - taught the Cathars.

Oh my sweetest Cathars! You have deserved peace and kindness as a gift. The reward for continuous battles and inevitable spiritual feats is unbelievable kindness and peace. The Cathars were drinking and delighted with it. Nothing was interesting them during the nightly raptures. They were willing to enclose themselves into the castles of Monpleu, Carcassone, Bessiers, Lampeduse, for calming down under the endless flow of heavenly peace and kindness.


Their generosity, their unearthly beauty, their special speech amazes. Beauty, as well as kindness is possible only in purity, out of lustful magnets. Souls are suffering under the action of the prince of this world. They are searching for original principles among the ideal esthetic forms. But they see beauty in a wrong place. The veritable beauty is to become a faithful son of God. For the Cathars it meant to inherit treats of a kind God, to go through metanoya (inner transformation).

There is no such beauty in earthly images. Peace, kindness, and beauty are profaned. A Cathar phenomenon is unique. "The perfects" means: incredible kindness, beauty, courage, reliability - those things that there are no on earth. Moreover, there are none of them in heaven.


mugestvoTheir courage enraptures me not less than their beauty. The Cathars of 21 st century are equal to angelic ranks.

Human virtues and ideals (peace, kindness, beauty, and courage) are marked with a seal of Holy Spirit. But as ideals they are so attractive in their bearers that they carry away.

Like during the earthly days people were leaning towards miraculous Kind People, the same way they will lean towards Cathar spirituality today, because it is the most suitable for European mind. The Cathars will peal all over the world: perhaps, another church exists.


Paramount spirituality as an endless ascent is their fifth existential after kindness, peace, beauty, and courage.

A possibility to join to the mysteries of Grail - Chalice of God, never appears before the zealot of Cathar Christ erases malicious painful inscriptions of this world in him.

The Cathars teach that fighting against the spirit of the world is a completely different thing from fighting against its prince. The prince is more dangerous. Rex Mundi is a creator of the spirit of the world; he arranges and directs fatal programs of this world.

The composition of the Cathars drove the beginners into bewilderment. After a slight intercourse with the Perfects it was becoming clear that those people are not of earthly origin.

When they were asked:"How come you are like that?" they answered smiling "It's because of disavowal from the prince of the world. We've always been like this. That's what a person is in the womb of the Most High".


The sixth Cathar state after the spirituality (or a consequence of it) should be a fight. The victory in it can be won only with the help of Cathar castles, councils and brotherhoods.

Wise Cathar elders counted 7 degrees of fighting against the prince of this world, that do not let rest even the winners.

The Cathars had gone through their ice hell of Siberian desserts of GULAG, their rooms of tortures, their cells of loneliness, their inquisition.

Cathar Brotherhood

bratInevitable forms of exterior Cathar perfection, such as tutorship of a kind father (the kindest mother) with a Mother of God's seal upon the forehead and entering the fiery Cathar brotherhood are flowing out of the five sacred ideals (peace, kindness, courage, beauty, and spirituality).

The Cathar hermits shine with heavenly kindness. Impassivity that often finishes with indifference of an executor to a suffering victim is alien to them.

Retreat does not close a heart but it supposes keeping an inner treasury guarded from the influence of the world. Retreat is only for partaking even more kindness, for compressing endless kindness of the Most High. And when the measure of saturation of heavenly kindness is filled the Cathars leave their cells and give kindness of the Most High in serving.

There were not less than 300 (in other sources 500) measures of determinations of the reached purity. A Cathar (pure one) is a transfigured on earth source of the purist kindness. In spite of their earthly parentage and the resembleness of a human body he is a descended from heaven, a celestial. And he considers his flesh as a godlike, not humanlike.

Cathars forced or obliged no one. There were no strict rules or written regulations. They began with the pouring of kindness and offered their dear children to share incomparable joy, peace and kindness. And only this unexpected movement of spirituality conquered forever.

The Cathars were waiting for an hour when the level of a beginner was reached and the soul found unearthly peace in Cathar abodes. Among the Perfects it was called the first level of pouring of the Holy Spirit. Having placed a beginner among own people, Cathars were hardly praying for him, ascending a soul to the spheres of pakibytie, spheres of Christ's prayer that had been revealed to them.

The beginners were blissing among the beloved brothers and sisters in the atmosphere of calm and peace. They could not stop saying "beautiful brother", "heavenly sister", "the sweetest father", "my dear kindest mother".

"Oh, if only people knew what life could be on earth! They would leave their mundane business and problems and become as simple as we are!" - as pure as children do exclaimed those passing primary levels of obedience in Cathar school of perfect spirituality.

It is amazing that there were no efforts required of them. On the contrary, in the beginning of the way they were dissolved in the atmosphere of heavenly kindness. And this step was called "feeding with mother's milk".

But then there was an hour when the time was up and the Holy Spirit began His work of transfiguration.

There was a need in spiritual guidance. The elders were helping to get free of inner spoilage, to open god-inspired bright wit in order to see the fall of a sinful nature soberly with its help, to monitor and come to hate it in any consequences.

The Cathars were teaching: "It is not easy to deny your previous self and the prince of this world. You have to see him as he is, unmask to the last crafty designs and begin to hate them, having realized through continuous discernments that there is another joy, another peace, other ideals and values - veritable kindness, indescribable love, peace." And then a human becomes beautiful.


Vowing is the next step after the fights. After that there goes unction and passion accompanied by multiplying degrees of pouring out of kindness from Spirit-Consoler.

It was so easy to leave the old clothes among the Cathars! Bad thoughts were quickly forgiven. The old essence had been blown away, it did not exist anymore.

Contacts with saints helped to release shortly from such things that it would take dozens years to get rid of them in traditional cloisters.

The teaching about spiritual marks on foreheads

The Cathars also had a teaching about spiritual marks on foreheads: about sacred principles of imprinting souls with different seals while entering the world.

Some come as malicious wizards, others are incorrigible; the third ones are the snakes of unearthly origins... But most of the souls are beautiful and full of will to live in love and perfection. It is only necessary to help them and organize their existence in the conditions of Cathar peace and enlightened Cathar spirituality.

The Cathars had never used the language of violence, considering it to be savage and despotic, rexmundian. The only driving force on the way to the Most High is love and Kind People that are around you.

The atmosphere of perfect holiness itself, with no inner efforts gives such things that it is impossible to achieve among evil, not purified prince's-of-this-world paper snakes.

"Do not go to catholic reptiles! Stay among Cathar saints." - it was said in the salons of Toulouse lords and aristocracy of Occitania .

The stronghold of good

"The stronghold of good" (That's how the Cathars called their teaching) stung popes and made them helpless.

The Cathars had won a victory over the evil mundane Roman throne with the weapon of love and perfect holiness. It is experimentally proved: God wins over the malicious and aggressive idol, cunning prince of this world, with the help of wisdom, firm faith, kindness and love.

"Threats, fears, weapons are only because of weakness. The weak ones always lose - said the Cathars."

"Catholics are deeply miserable people. Their teaching is far not safe, because the devil himself, the most sly enemy and time-server stands behind them. If only they did not do so much of evil and didn't involve into it so many people! But through this evil is spreading over the earth and the terrible miseries are close."

Cathar music from Kingdom

trubA lot of Greek and Catholic liturgical arsenal were taking from the Cathars. In one word their music can be called celestial, of pakibytie (not of this world). The Cathars were teaching: external words are only a cause for the sacred silence, for the revelation of Christ as Logos. Wait for the hour when the mysterious Lord visits you and embraces you as his bride with peace, kindness, love, and perfect wisdom.

And the same is with the way of praying. The Cathars had their own favorite motets. They often gathered in circles and were praying sweetly and in raptures for changes of souls.

But they considered that the Music of Kingdom is superior to external singing aloud, and this music is something beyond the reach of assessed orthodox octoikh and catholic missals.

"The Music of Kingdom" meant the stage of opening of spiritual ear and anointing Christ's wit for hearing angelic motets. The Cathars reached stages where harmonies of heavenly spheres were revealed to them.

There was no such music on earth. It was brought to the Cathar throne for the first time. The music was coming not from earth to heavens and not even from heavens to earth, but it was entering pakibytie. It's better to call it the music of Heavenly Kingdom , an insonation of an eternal idea in the Wisdom of Three Persons.

Anodyne light of Cathar music could be reached only with the full depuration of mind and inner ear. The stage of Cathar musical spheres was given by prophetical charisma. Listening to Cathar music is as rarely wonderful as hearing God's voices. Actually, it is God's voices in action.

The music reflected the way of thinking among wise angelic ranks. It is a throne of Sophia, of superior justice; it is a way to approach the inner of Deity, the spiritual temple of our Most High, the way to ascend to heavens even during the earthly days.

Cathar music was ineffable by human language. The Cathars were literally filled with musical harmonies. They were alive music of the world themselves, a symphony of messianic epoch. Their every gesture, look, smile was symphonically wonderful, musically perfect.

They easily went to their funeral pile, to suffering for their beloved preceptors. They understood that love would only multiply through their passion sufferings. And in the end an universal fire of love would spread, and the prince of this world would be banished away.

Universal Cathar joy will come! The Cathar civilization and Cathar God will oust Rex Mundi, and there will be no single baptistic-funeral office. Saints will descend to earth en masse, and the earth will change.

New earth and New heavens meant for Cathars heavens without prince of this world domination and the earth without his damned contrivances.

"The reign of our Most High has come!" - repeated Cathars, applauding during night prayer after long conversations and seminars. - "The Reign of our Most High is in action! What could be more, right? Halleluiah!"


slugUnearthly Cathar kindness released a lot of strength for serving nears-by. And the pure love, with no self-interest, no egoism, no lust or anything else that follows people, released even more strength.

Serving was organic for the Cathars. How else could the gathered and surpassing love be poured out? - they were saying. No, they had to serve! On the contrary, the most difficult punishment for them would be a prohibition to serve.

Nothing hinders from outpouring of love. Love was a great source of strengths and nutrition.

People are suffering so much only because of lack of love! They do not love God and do not know His love for them, and because of that they are not able to love Him. And not loving Him, they are not able to love their fathers and mothers, sons and daughters, brothers and sisters.

Human problems are caused by the lack of love, and they could be solved by outpouring of it. The Cathars asserted that in order to the outpour of original love from heavens, it is necessary to deny the prince of this world and go through the way of inner purification.


There was no need in daily confessions among the consecrated ones. Only ardent zealots of rexmundian churches, hopeless and mazed in endless malice, sins, sublimations of lust, insisted on that. Their confessions with indulgences are a routine ritual, in which there is a strong hierarch-centered element.

The Cathars practiced confessions as a catharsis, as a conscientious outpouring of truth, as a revelation of heart. But above confession there was a cry, that could had been easily reached in perfect peace and kindness in the dominating atmosphere of Cathar abodes.

Purification was without receipts, certificates, and indulgences, those that were given to confessed ones by Rome . Forgiveness of sins was doubted in Cathar abodes. The Chalice of sins was burned through the transformation of structure and the positive principles of Cathar enlightenment: kindness, love, and the mysteries of Cathar way. And especially through the first of them - the discernment and the renunciation of the prince's of the world principles.

Sweetest brotherhood of the Wedding Hall

The communication between the Cathars had no regulated limits. The exhorting truth worked by itself there is nothing old among brothers. In the meantime, the bounds among them were not of brotherhood, but of matrimony.

It was the sweetest brotherhood of Wedding Hall, as there had never been on earth.

The aim of consecrated ones to the mystery of Christ (Montsegure Grail) is to love nears-by with His love and to marry the whole humanity. "I have come to this world to marry God through the suffering humanity of the earth." Theogamic bonds with the Most High mean to be the one with the Creator and creation. Only then messianic era will happen and it will be Christ's kingdom, when the souls are united in one with the Creator and with each other.

The Cathars could be wounded by the lack of love. They confessed not in sins, but in lack of love. "Forgive us, father, we do not love you enough! Forgive, holy mother, for our infidelity!" They were extremely wounded and improved instantly.

Love among the pure ones

Love worked wonders and excluded lies, dissimulation, bad thoughts. Love among the pure ones spread love, and often in a short time.

Understanding that the Cathars had reached very high levels of sanctity and purity, Romans were at a loss. None of them had an idea to learn from the Cathars.

Evil mentality did not let doubts: "How can that be? Sanctity and perfection can be easily reached among the Cathars, but we forbid them as a type of heresy. How come evil and imperfection are from God but kindness and perfection are from devil? Aren't we mad? Aren't we turned upside down?"

Roman church is a total fool, regardless of its extraordinary rational bookish minds. If only instead of the war against the perfect Cathars and Grail it humbly began to learn from them and understood that it had lost, that people follow the spiritual ones and despise it, its mental misers, cheaters, and liars - there would be no need in horrible bloodshed. Roman church could count on justification. But, alas, its rules and mentality itself that had been formed under the action of the great malefactor and deceiver prince of this world excluded that way of solving the problem.

None of inquisitors had come up with an idea to learn anything from the Cathars - such ardent malice and equal to it luciferian arrogance obsessed those dangerous and stinging venomously wasps.

However their stings were harmless to the Cathars. A wasp that had stung died, but a Cathar only received inspired strength and glorified "his Most High" with his face.

The Cathars insisted on this name: "our Most High" to make a difference from Rexmundian staples, phantoms, and affections. It was necessary - they said - to purify the image of God in front of the mental look. Otherwise it is useless even to think of the spiritual way.

How pure God people are! They do not have a single devilish technique. No sorcery, no magic, no slightest mess of mind. To be among the Cathars was to stay in the atmosphere of their unconditional (despite of all the weaknesses) outpouring of kindness.

Cathar teaching about the deceased

The deceased are happy. They go to another world to come back to the Father's embrace. They go through their toils (purifying cycle in order to shake off the dust of poisonous rexmundian dust) and see themselves surrendered by heavenly kindness.

Life would last forever, there would be no need in deceases and deaths if the lust of the prince of this world did not stuck into the inner. And the deceased understood that. And the majority of them, those marked with God's seals on the foreheads, find their rest in the Womb of the Most High. How happy they are to release from Rexmundian trap! With what hearty compassion they look at their neighbors that are still suffering on earth: "Poor, poor prisoners, what a pity..."

The Cathars thought that there was no need to pray for the deceased. It's better to say that they appealed to them, for those who had recovered their sight to help regain the sights of those who are still suffering "on this side" of veritable existence.

The Most High had foreseen breaking the bonds of earthly flesh in order to return a person into the world of His love, to embrace him. For the Perfect ones, those who had already reached peace in the present by the victory over the prince of this world, the passage to eternity meant the Wedding Hall and the highest levels of divinization.

Such love as there is no in heaven can be reached on earth. And having left this world a Perfect one ascends to the spheres of over-heavenly love. But there can be nothing said about them in earthly order. On earth it is sealed even further most of discernmented ones...

The Cathars are mad love, the greatest revelation and outpouring of love. A new look at a person: clean, purified, as he is in perfect sample in front of the perfect look of the heavenly forces.

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