the name of Mary Magdalene in the Grail


mariaOnly the Heavenly King, the King of the Grail, being in the state of spasms, three times hammered, beaten to death, all in blood, could create the Gospel of love that had never appeared on the Earth before.

Madness of Supreme Wisdom.

Indeed, in the Heavens the third Gospel is called "Madness of Supreme Wisdom". Mary was longing for Him. Infatuated, she absorbed His each word. Infatuated, she poured the expensive myrrh from an alabaster jar onto His head, which caused spite in Judas Iscariot (and the disciples took His side). He prophetically said for all times: You will always have the poor among you, but you will not always have me. She did it to prepare me for the burial in the Body of glory. She has anointed me for immortality and resurrection. And therefore - wherever the Gospel is preached - what she has done will also be told, in memory of her.

She is literally losing her mind (mind-less love) for Him. Madly-in-Love- is the name of Mary Magdalene in the Grail.

How is it possible, having seen Him and having heard His voice, not to lose your mind?, she used to say to other myrrh bearing women who He had cured. Having heard about the vile indignation, she literally almost lost her mind. She was convinced that he would simply disperse their arrays. And that He would pass by as a triumphant King.

What is death penalty for God?
Then she will realize that He wont do any of these - for the sake of love that had never existed on the Earth before.

Oh, He cleansed me, the prostitute. He made a virgin myrrh-bearing woman out of me. Now he wants to do it with the whole of Israel, and with all mankind.

Her state during our Lords crucifixion can be described as the peak of divine passions, as the acme inconceivable to the world. The world cannot comprehend it at all. It is Gospel III, The Gospel of love that never existed on the Earth before.
Mary turns into a mad somnambulist. Disheveled hair. The Holy Fool-in-Love.

Her condition is in the Grail described as mortal pain for the Heavenly Beloved. Mary is really dying and languishing. She is giving her utmost strength away. She is passing it on to Him. She is co-crucified. She is being tortured with mortal languishing pain.

Mortal pain is the acme of divine passions. And in this mortal pain, together with two other crucified criminals and myrrh-bearing women, she partakes in His Golgotha of Jerusalem.

During that night He came to her in the image of an archangel (Mary is so mind-less that she cannot recognize Him).
He pierces her heart with a fiery spear, the caduceus of Supreme Wisdom. Mary Magdalene faints away. And in the morning she rises early. As it is said in John Gospel, she is the first on the way to the tomb to hold Him, to kiss Him, to pour out her myrrh tears onto His face. She becomes the alabaster vessel.

Oh, wherever the Gospel is preached throughout the world, let her name be mentioned in memory of her!
She is ready to enter the tomb, when suddenly she sees an angel.
You are looking for Jesus. He is not here. He has risen.
She is bewildered. She is in the state of holy mad-ness-of-love.
Where is my Beloved? What did you do with Him? Where did you place Him? Give Him to me. He belongs to me!

At this He approached her

maryIn John Gospel it is said: She did not realize it was Jesus. When He approached, in Him she saw a gardener in  white vestments, the Holy  Fool-in-Love.

Ah, Rabonni! said she. My Groom! And she was exalted in beatitude.
Mary didnt recognize Him because he came to her as a Groom. The sweetest myrrh was pouring out of His heart.
Mary longed to touch Him.Oh, if only I could touch! But he said: Do not hold on to me. It will be like this.

A heavenly cloud overshadowed Mary. She was risen one meter above  the Earth.
Oh, love that does not exist on the Earth  … it brings new life!
Mary Magdalene conceived immaculately from the Lord - from His Messianic Blood. From Messianic divine seed she conceived new the humanity of Christ.


-Oh, my Beloved. I shall never see you again. What have you done? How shall I live without you?
You shall live for a thousand years. You are not leaving, are you?
You are with me, Mary kept on saying as if in a dream, like Shakespeare Juliet envenomed by the Montechi and Coppulletti. And He comforted her as real as ever - Christ from pakibytie, from the Kingdom where this immaculate conception was accomplished.

Mary, I am more than your Groom, I am your Glorious Spouse. I will be more than with you, I will dwell in you, my daughter. You will conceive another Christ, My copy, another God-man. You will become another mother-of-God, and a mother of a new nation. I will hand over into you the immaculate origin that does not exist on the Earth. I was eating the Last Supper with the disciples of Jerusalem when I said:"This is My Blood and My Body." And He offered them to drink from the Cup, and they all drank from it. With you I will celebrate the Eucharist of Gospel III. We shall call it Messianic. My Blood will pour into you as the seed, and My Body will become yours. From our Marriage Odr, My daughter and My bride, a  divine infant will be born. Name him Blissful Joseph, the fourth after Joseph of Egypt, Joseph the Betrothed and Joseph of Arimathea. Name him like  that in honour of Joseph the Betrothed who I love infinitely.

It was said: wherever the Gospel is preached, what she has done will also be told, in memory of her.
And I shall say more: For another two thousand years, throughout the third and the fourth millennium, when the Gospel of Kingdom is preached in the whole universe, human minds will  meditate sweeter about what arose from our Lord tomb. The Groom left the tomb as the Sun of suns.

It overshadowed the holy fathers: the Groom comes out of the tomb and becomes the Spouse of the All-Highest. He vests the former prostitute into the cloud of Father of Pure Love, and conceives in a simple mortal woman- He is God-man. Ascending onto the Heavens, (still the Man, uttering the words: The one Who has not yet returned to the Father), He is leaving His copy on the Earth: untarnished, His equal, the copy of Himself.


-Oh, my Lord, Eloi! I shall never see you again, is that true?
-No, Emanuel. I am with you for ever.
-Oh, I shall never see you again. But my consolation is the child that you are leaving to me. I will call him Joseph, after Joseph the Bethrothed. I will be looking at him as Mary looked at her God-child, and I shall console myself. I shall see You in him, shall I not?
Her Beloved smiled: Yes, Mary, But it will not last long. I shall accomplish with you another miracle, the greatest.

-What miracle, my Lord?

- Our son will not take my place. A day ago I promised to take the criminal to Heaven, but I shall take you to the Marriage Chertog. I shall take you there sooner than Virgin Mary will be taken there. And you shall know love which doesnt exist.
- Which doesnt exist on the Earth, my Lord?
-No, Mary, you shall experience love that does not exist in the Heavens.

And nine months after His crucifixion  and his appearing near the tomb, Mary brought to life a wonderful boy, and she named him Joseph.
Soon she passed away. The Lord ascended her into the Heavens with her body and soul.

And nothing remained from Mary Magdalene but her son Joseph, an absolute orphan. Mary entrusted him to Joseph of Arimathea.
Joseph took the baby boy into his family. In old-English esoteric chronicles Joseph the Inheritor is recorded as the twelfth son of Joseph of Arimathea, Joseph the Younger. At the age of seven, Joseph of Arimathea  initiated him into the Grail. He revealed the Grail to him as to no one else before.

This is your father, he used to tell him.
And the little Joseph, looking at the mirror-like smoothness of the Grail would say: Yes, this is my heavenly Daddy - Abba, Abba, Abba!
The way Joseph exulted: This is my Heavenly Daddy. Abba, Father cannot be compared to any Adonai or Elogim of ancient Hebrews.

The Infant of unearthly beauty, of glory that does not exist on the Earth. When he turned one, the Lord came to him and said: My child, My Father crowned me with the wreath of the King of Heaven and Earth. And you will become my heir, the father of Messianic dynasty. Your descendants will become powerful monarch of Europe. As they will be of My Blood and of My origin, they will inherit royal wreaths of the Most High. As perfect kings, anointed from above, they will rule according to the law of Supreme Wisdom. As perfect priests they will accomplish the act of myrrh anointment and they will be anointing the brides of the Marriage Chertog.

Many among the offsprings of Joseph the Sweetest will become the Merovings, the Stuarts, the Romanovs, the guardians of the Chalice of the Grail. Joseph the Sweetest is the new Abraham. Our Heavenly Father said to Abraham: "will make your descendants as numerous as  stars on the sky and sand on seashore. You will become the father of new nations".

Ant to Joseph the Younger his Father, our Lord Jesus Christ said: I will give you all Kingdoms of Earth and Heaven, and your dynasty will rule for a thousand years - unlike pagan kings that ruled before. They will be undergoing their passionate Cross anointment, until our Messianic dynasty is established and triumphs on Earth.
It was the Marriage Odr, the acme of the Gospel. All that he had been doing before was only the introduction. The barren (He) conceives and the barren (She) brings to life. Heavens rejoice. And it was written in golden letters in the Book of Life: GOSPEL III.


Who can say to be of the same composition as Christ? Only the one that is His heir by blood, and in whom His origin is.

Therefore apart from the Last Supper with the Jews in Jerusalem, He also had the Marriage Supper with Mary Magdalene. It is not known that it took place. It exceeded the Last Supper where He fed with His Body and with His Blood from the outside. At the Marriage Supper He unified with the whole being, with all the twelve immortal bodies, and divinely deified a plain mortal passionate holy Mary from Magdale.
She became of the same composition as He was.

She received from Him His origin. This is the highest of high, the most mysterious of all mysterious secrets of the Grail.

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