Dr. I. POPOV, PhD (world religions)

The actuality of the Solovki Golgotha

The word GULAG is an  acronym, meaning Glavnoe Upravlenie Lagerei,or Main Camp Administration. One time, the word “Gulag’ has also signified nor only the administration camps but also the system slave labor itself in all its forms and varieties. Even more broadly, Gulag has come to mean the Soviet repressive system itself. The set of procedures that prisoners once called the” meat-grinder”: the arrests ,the interrogations, the transport in unheated cattle cars, the forced labor, the destruction of families, the years spent in exile, the  early and unnecessary deaths. It is  impossible  to treat the Gulag   concentration camps  as an isolated phenomenon. The Gulag  grew and   developed at a particular  time and place, in tandem with other events .It characterized  the particular  intellectual climate of the continental Europe in the mid-twentieth century, which also produced  the concentration camps in Germany and other countries. It has become  the integral part  of Russian and European history .

The Solovetsky Islands. Many thousands died of  starvation ,cold and overwork.
But the  mysterious law acts in the history: nothing vanishes completely. What is the sense of this  Golgotha and  of several millions died  ? That, it seemed horror and punishment, has turned back as a  wreath and glory. The Heavenly   Father will call this  victims  for a thousand-year Kingdom and there  they  will  become  the priests of the most High and will reign with Him  for  thousand years. Look at Solovki!  The Solovki Golgotha will become the centre of the universal  repentance and  salvation of the humanity. The Solovki white elders  will proclaim the  new life after the great transformations on the Earth and  Solovki fiery Hierarchy of the anointed ones  will become its foundation in the forthcoming civilization of new heaven and new earth. And the true name of the Heavenly Father will be  revealed  to the humanity of the future age-  the Father of the pure love, the Father Theos, the Father Sun. And the new Sun will be emerged  over the  earth as the sun of the immaculate  civilizations , from  the throne of  which  Christ has come.

The sins of the whole humanity, the sins of the world church and personal sins were expiated at this Second Solovki Golgotha. And from the  Great Solovki Victim the new  Theohumanity  is  born and the great transfiguration of the life starts from here as well. The Immaculate foundation for this new life will be established and the Bridal Chamber  as the  sphere of the  tight unity with the Divinity ,will be revealed. The  Kingdom of the Holy Spirit will be proclaimed  for the third millennium.

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