Mystery of the Cathars

There's practically nothing left of Cathars today.
And it seems as if no one Cathar has remained.
But I will say: nothing but the Catharism
has remained in the world.
Blessed Iohann


katariWhat do you know about the Cathars?

It is neither a nationality, nor a tradition, but a new type of mankind. They are usually mentioned in a historical context . The calumny and death sentences from the Roman inquisition eight centuries ago erased every record of them from European chronicles. Having dealt with the Catharism cruelly, Europe lost its light, its phylogenetic roots, its identification. Bureaucratic and official religion, that was alien and extraneous to Europe , had stricken a blow, which caused all the severe wars and terror of revolutions. So, the origins of the spiritual tragedy of the second millennium lie in the abolition and cancellation of Catharism.

But who are the new perfect ones?

Is it possible to live a veritable immaculate life on earth? Will the long-awaited light from the East, the glory and the greatness of Cathar Calvary, and the new renascence come? Today holy virgins Cathars come to Catalonia to bless from above the present generation with eternal seals of good people, to inflame the fire of love for Christ in the hearts, and to help the contemporary humanity to gain new spirituality, to find peace in (the bonds of) brotherly love, and as many years ago, to establish sacred heavenly regulations for the future life - theocivilization on earth.

The Father of the Slavic Cathars

andreyHaving gone from Kiev to the Southern regions of the Black Sea, Andrew the First Called brought the Grail to Russia . By the blessing of the Virgin Most Pure, he became the Father of Slavic Cathars . Scythia was given in his charge. The Virgin Most Pure had been edifying Andrew Herself before his journey to Scythia , and She had given him the Grail. Andrew preached about the Christ of Grail, the Tsar of surpassing love. He brought the religion of a kind God of love, who had come to affirm the veritable faith.

The Grail of Joseph of Arimathea, already a Theogamic one, remained in Andrew's hands. The Grail multiplied, being everywhere, and moving over the air. Through it Holy Russia blossomed and became of Cathar faith - the faith of pure and perfect ones. Then there were no bishops or deacons. Bishops and deacons are uniform, external divisions of a hierarchical mode. But the Cathars of that time (Disciples of Christ) were seeking for purity (purity of faith), denying the evil God and the prince of this world. They were seeking for perfection. (the perfection of love).

During the Andrew's journey to Kiev, he found disciples at once. Slavdom exclusively responded to his sermon, seeing in it a universal aspect that was close to the Slavic theology and spirituality. And among his first disciples, and later in the school, the church and the community founded by him, there also were pure and perfect ones, who were preaching about Consolamentum, the mystery around the Holy Grail that is connected with emanation of love, pouring out the Holy Spirit.

Slavic Catharism

After the Vladimir 's baptism of Russia Cathar communities were not completely destroyed, but continued their existence. Partly they went to Bulgaria and further to Europe, some of them stayed in Russia . There were many Cathars among Old Believers; there were Duhobory (from Russian Spirit fighters), Bogomily, Pavlikians . The tradition of Nile Sorsky of the elders from the lands over the Volga supported the Cathar spirit of being not-of-this-world, gentle, of fasts, prayers, high raptures of minds. The elders built high castles and strongholds in their minds, in which their spirits were highly ascended.

The Russian Grail stood in the middle of the great constellation of the elders of Optina Pustyn and chose Seraphim of Solovki (the last Russian monarch-martyr Michael Romanov) to be the king of Russian Grail. It formed yurodivy brotherhood of Seraphim that was similar to Cathar brotherhood, and actually transfigured Holy Russia in GULAG into the power of the most merciful light of the Most High, into the triumph of the Lamb on Solovki. After Seraphim of Solovki, Blessed Iohann became an heir of the Cathar treasury of Solovki.

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