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Komsomolskaya Pravda (Russia)

Poems and diaries by Blessed John are the music of lofty vibrations and the harmonies of heavenly spheres…By means of poetical word and aphoristic statements, the author shares with the reader divine states of ecstatic enraptures and marriage beatitudes impossible on the Earth. The spirituality brought in the books by Blessed John is the new way for the mankind.

GART (Ukraine)

gartBlessed John is a man-phenomenon, an outstanding person, unsuitable for any of existing schemes of traditional thinking. He is the man of the future, forestalling modern world order for the whole millennium. He is the representative of a new epoch about which ancient prophets spoke and progressive thinkers guess by intuition.

Russian London Courier (Great Britain)

Everything that Blessed John fulfils is suffused with delights of the Heavenly Kingdom.
It is so delightful to listen to his never-ending dialogues about heavenly pure Love, about keys of victory over the sin and the devil, about mysteries of the spiritual way.
The world of Blessed John is so virgin and pure that his mere presence acts more impressively that confession. He prohibits any dirtiness by his only presence.

Novye Izvestiya (Russia)

gazetaBlessed John is the founder of a new mystic school and per se new religion.” Time for the new universal church has come, - he confirms, - in the bosom of which saints of all nations and confessions unite. The need for the new Melchizedek priesthood for whom the whole Earth is the church has matured.

Universo Holístico (Spain)

Blessed John is prophetically heralding the approach of the New Atlantis epoch – the civilization in which the reverence to the Deity and to the Man will be rendered equally. In this civilization there will be no place for wars, sicknesses or any evil, but the divine Love will reign in the hearts and on the Earth.

 gazStupeny oracula (Russia)

Besides the exceeding Love for the man, books by Blessed John include the keys of the Highest Wisdom, able to change the man efficiently for the better.
Those who have at least once attended his live spirit-revealed liturgies, will for ever remember the delights of enlightening dizzy heights and the ascending to Heavenly spheres…
Blessed John has revealed and glorified the Divinity imprinted in the Man. It is indeed the great national idea originating from ancient civilizations.

Canadian Courier (Canada)

Blessed John knows how to reach perfect holiness here on the Earth, how to walk in the shine of the Divinity in spite of most unbearable conditions. He knows how to glorify God when being persecuted for the faith, how to shed holy ointment and how to smell sweet in total desolation, hellish miasma and Sodom of megalopolises.

Vechernya Moskva (Russia)

gazThe interest for Blessed John’s books, as well as his popularity as a writer-mystic, are growing every day. His books are inexhaustible fount of the new spirituality which humanity will be acquiring for the following thousand years. This is the light from the East, which the world has been expecting.

Ogonek (Russia)

Blessed John has gone ahead of his time, the epoch and his generation.

Sobesednik (Russia)

SOBESLeading mystics of the globe have recognized him as the spiritual leader of the modern times. His books generate great interest and are translated into many languages of the world.

Moscovskay Pravda (Russia)

The candle of Blessed John beams round-the-clock. Spiritual force outcoming from him encourages the man to inner transformation. This spiritual force subdues, transforms, nourishes and elates immediately. Hot tears of his crying heart act more than words and sermons. The incurable ones are recovered. The damned ones find hope and sense.


Awards blessed Ioann


In 1998 The International Bibliographical Centre (Cambridge, England) included his name into 13th edition of the encyclopaedia “ Who is Who among the Intellectuals” as the recognition of his special achievements.



In May 2001 The International Association “Educators for World Peace” presented him with the honourable Albert Einstein Award.


nagr In 2002,during his journey to America, Blessed John received the certificate of the honourable citizenship of the city of Huntsville (the state of Alabama) as the recognition for his merits in strengthening spiritual peace and for fruitful cooperation among different confessions.

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