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berdsThe poetry of Blessed John conveys high inner appeal, and the readers heart is never left indifferent. Poems are organized extremely naturally and wisely, as everything in the Divine nature is. Everything is in its place, nothing is superfluous, and there is the sense of great harmony. In a word - a phenomenon! It is powerful spiritual poetry, illuminating and therefore eternal.

Vladimir Aleynikov, poet, member of the International PEN- club


berdsHis ecumenical contacts, not only with branches of Christianity, but also with other religions such as Islam and Buddhism are particularly notable.. Many people are inspired by his dedication to complex theological, philosophical and social questions. Keen interest in preserving peace in the world has allowed Blessed John to become a special consultant of the UN international non-government organization - ШEducators for World Peace, which has its offices in more than 90 countries. He has given numerous interviews on TV and radio, communicates with people through articles published in mass media. One of his greatest spiritual gifts is the ability to find positive and constructive sides virtually in all phenomena of the modern world.

Charles Mercieca, PhD, the president of UN International Association of Educators for World Peace, (ECOSOC, UNDPI, UNICEF, UNCED and UNESCO), Alabama University Professor. (Huntsville, USA)


berdsIn his works Blessed John qualifies the man as a heavenly born angel, who has come down to the Earth with a mysterious aim. But where is the mystery?
- In the descended man. For the sake of the triumph of Love where there is no Love. In this respect the prophet is unanimously united with medieval Cathars - poets, ascetics and martyrs of Love, slandered and extirpated by the Roman Inquisition. Blessed John is a wilful continuer and heritor of the Cathars. "Eglise Amour" (the Great Church of Love), uniting all righteous souls of the Earth without any iinstitutional frames.The blood of perfect bonshommes (good people), who went to the stake with the words God is Love, is dissolved in his poetry. Their voice sounds in his lines. The memory of them engages him in an uncompromising struggle against origin bearers that are hostile to Love - first of all, against world pharisaism of any form.

Leonid Belov, Russian writer


berdsIn my personal dialogue with Blessed John, it is not only that I was enriched by his knowledge, but I was also unified with this excelling faith called the Temple of Universal Love.

Leonid Medvedko, PhD (History), professor, RAEN academician
(Russian Academy of Natural Science)


berdsFather John - face was shining with celestial light. By great simplicity and favour of ineffable mystery of his words, gestures and prayers, some were cured and others converted. His vision of people has amazed us not less than his vision of God.

Mirjana Vasilj-Zuccarini, Italian writer


berdsFather John is a priest that has descended from the Heaven. I can withdraw my eyes from his. The bright meek Deity shines in them. He is pursued? How splendid! John Chrysostom, a great preacher of the fourth century, was severely pursued by priests and bishops, but his fame has been resounding for a thousand and five hundred years.

Branko, priest, Croatia


berdsBlessed John possesses a precious gift. I call this gift the "feeling of God". It is unlimited for those who possess it, because it reveals the mystical depth of reality. The feeling of God is higher than the intellect. The Most High is recognized by hearts capable of love and sacrifice.

Zoya Krahmalnikova, Russian writer,
jailed in the Soviet concentration camp for her faith.


berdsBlessed John - ideas, `directed towards universal values through eternal ideas of the sacral, everlasting and kind, are one of mystical revelation modern teachings. They are absolutely suitable for the revival of the true spirituality. Blessed John - texts are a deep inquiring of the soul, leading towards God without any sluggish dogmata or ideological orientation.

Lucid language and brilliant simplicity of his thoughts make books by Blessed John fully claimed by the modern spiritual man.
Considering vital necessity of the mankind perished by oddities of the material culture, barefaced pragmatism and evident conjuncture, Blessed John - diaries are pearls of spiritual values and divine ideals. They should be accessible to the European society and therefore translated into English.

Yu. Shabanova, PhD, Chief of the Department of Philosophy,
National Mining University, Dnipropetrovsk (Ukraine)

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