The Cathars and the Holy Grail


chashaThe mystery of Catharism is in the presence of the Grail. The Chalice of the Most High was giving an atmosphere of the presence of Christ Himself among His disciples, of the rapture to heavens and descending from above.

The Grail was feeding the Cathars in the most impossible way. The Perfect ones owe to the triumphing messianic Chalice of Love with the prodigious heights of their spirituality, that are incomparable to the achievements of the schools of Mani, Zoroastra, Buddha, Mohammed, and other universal teachers.

12 secret keepers of the Chalice knew about the Grail. Their names were kept in secret. They disappeared, dissolved in pakibytie together with the Chalice. When it was necessary, they appeared.

Besides the 12 keepers of the Chalice in hierarchical order stated on the white screen of the Grail, more than a thousand Perfects of Languedoc, Lombard , Province, and other biggest provinces of Southern Europe were partaking from the Chalice mystically. The others had only a dim guess, not more.

Twice a year bishops gathered in Montsegur. Christ came to them with the Chalice in his hands and fed them. The Grail fed them more and more from its endless sources, and the Perfects ones were exhausted with love. Their nightly gatherings were continues silent unspeakable inhalations and affected tears. From one Eucharist to another the Grail was feeding their divine bodies, filling with the fragrance from the gardens of heavenly love. They were born in the kingdom of celestial love, submitting to its King Christ, discovering the laws of the universe. They bore their crosses.

The Symphony of Kingdom

The Grail was spreading circles of love around itself, as the waves of the sea of light. It inflamed around itself thousands of small candles. Those candles found pure hearts of the Cathari for themselves, and after that heavenly love inflamed in the embodied ones . Their face brightened. And they could think of nothing else but perfect love. They spoke only about such love as there is neither on earth nor in heavens.

It was the sweetest symphony of the Kingdom. The music of love was sounding in Europe during more than two centuries.

How much the Grail was giving to the Cathars! It was enough for thousands years. The Grail had given so many treasures that no one knew in what worlds to spread them. Who had built the castles? The Grail had. Who was guarding the entrances to them? The Grail was. Who was giving the food? The Grail was. Who offered Wisdom? The Grail did.

Christ had asserted His kingdom in high mountains, in 100 castles of the Grail in the Pyrenees .

The undrinkable Chalice created a unique, god-civilizational atmosphere of sanctity, of being drunk with Holy Spirit around itself. Dedicated to the mysteries of mysteries Cathari called it the treasury of treasures. The Chalice was the one with Christ. Christ stayed in the Chalice, and the Chalice spread light beyond of His presence. The King of regnant ones kept the sacred vessel in His hands and watered .

The Grail was reigning not only among the Cathari from Montsegur. The Grail loved and took care of all its veritable disciples, and was the property of Carcassone and ziers as well . And how many anointed sovereign were among the Cathars (such as Gilbert de Castre)! The very best men of Catalonia , Lombard , and Languedoc had gone into the Grail from this world. The most noble, aristocratic, bright souls considered it as their duty to take part in the future destinies of humanity. Not only had the Chalice multiplied, but the small Grails, the disciples, as well.

The Grail revealed in Montsegur as a regnant castle. It was leading Christians as Jews - a cloud of fire at night and of light during days. The Savior came and was present. But not like during His earthly days (seemingly), but reigning inside, ascending His children to the Kingdom of the Grail.

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