The Fire of Love


loveA human is to come into the fire of love. Christ gave a new commandment in Montsegur - the one of fire of love.

A person opens up in love! Nothing but love! Love gives life, communication, joy, peace. Love is always right and eternally virginal. There is no judgment for it and the devil's promises have no hold of it.

People were attracted with the atmosphere of love."There is no and there has never been such love on earth. Where are we? Are we among the celestials?"

Love of the Perfects

"They live in love and consider it as their inmost manna, the source of nourishment. Theirs looks are full of love and serve in love. They keep love in the sore trials, saying that it is heaven-born. Consolamentum, our inner light. It is the only consolation for the miserable on earth. The return from the evil princedom of this world is only through the gates of heavenly love."

"Our love is a symbol of victory over the extraneous God." (That is how the Cathars called the prince of this world.)

The Power of Love

There has never been such love on earth. The language of love was announced as the universal one, the measure of love as the only one, and the love as the only beginning.

"The Perfect" meant perfect in love."The Pure" was the one in virgin love.

The aim of the Cathars is to adopt the language of love as the only one and the preferred one compared to the devilish language of violence and evil. But the soul is to come to see the advantage of love over everything else of her own free will. She is to establish a small inner adamant throne of love, and let the crosier of love of the Most High (Cathar cross) help her in it.

The prayer is only possible through the power of love. Ascent, multiplication of grace, and the seals of the Holy Spirit are in the mystery of love.

The Cathars could afford nothing but love. They marked its boundless expanses. Love is imperishable, eternal, transitory (it is passed by word of mouth, and into the heart), and transubstantiated. Through it the heavenly heights are reached, and the heavenly peaks are won. Love takes you straight to Heavenly Kingdom and makes a celestial of a human aspirant.

Endless potential

Love was heavenly music for the Cathars. There were infinite perspectives in it. Its never-ending potential was spoken of.

The path of love is the most intimate and unexplored in a human. Many beasts of prey are waiting along, many archers and enemies are on the watch. But the hour her triumphal gates open the soul rejoices - Hallelujah!

There is no greater power than love. The ultimate truth of the Creator and creation is in love - the Father who loves his son and the son who loves his Father.

The favorite subject of the Savior was stories about Father. The Cathars were touched, seeing what Father is and what his love is. "Father - they appealed to the Savior - Does Father loves us as much as He loves you?" "Yes. He makes no distinction between me and you that is why He blesses the Communion of the Grail, naming you His new and eternal disciples, little C hrists. In due time I will lift you up to My throne. My Kingdom is a million of little C hrists. There is nobody who isn't a little C hrist and who doesn't have the seals of My spirit in My Kingdom."

Christ is a personification of love

Christ was nothing for the Cathars than personification of love. Yes, He loved them madly ( deeply ). But there was something more than His love for His disciples in Him. It was an embodied, impossible, indescribable Love that surpasses itself.

How did He teach them? He would come into them (in an Eucharistic and thousands of other ways) and they changed.

He explained: everything is in vain without love. And besides love He raised them into the mystic spheres of a human, what is he like in God's eyes , and God, what is He like for a pure person. He loved them for their infinite purity of vision. He called them the Pure (catharos) for apprehending God candid ly without lenses or covers, and understanding the way He sees them.

Montsegur was literally bosomed in the rays of His love, and the disciples were clothing in His garments. An unprecedented miracle - the Cathars literally could not recognize each other. There lived a Christ in each of them. And the Savior continued: "Fill yourself with My love. It is a gift for the humanity of earth. Crave for My love, love with My love"


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