The fifteen-stage consulamentum


g The number of ascenders was never limited and could reach several thousand. The mountain separated miraculously and accommodated all.

The three-month course of preparation

g A three-month course of preparation was planned before the ascent to San Salvador. The neophyte had to reveal the essence of the adaptative modelling of the prince of this world.

g For several months, in daily communion with the pure and perfect elders and teachers, the newly-converted analyzed his past. The Holy Spirit showed clearly what kind of abnormal modelling he had been subjected to.

g Next, the neophyte had to pass the special mystery of remodelling anew. It was suggested that he become completely like soft clay, so that the Holy Spirit could remodel his whole essence. This remodelling was called the melioramentum.

g The elders rarely resorted to the forms of 'instruction' and 'guidance' traditional to Rome-Byzantium. The light shed by the perfect ones was so exceedingly fragrant, the action of the Holy Spirit from the throne of the Father of pure love so wonderful, the seals of heavenly love so extraordinary, that souls and bodies were purified without outside help and communication. Never-ending tears, sweat, and excrement flowed from man… After three months his whole composition had changed. Such a person was considered worthy of the ascent to San Salvador.

g A rumour  went around that San Salvador was a place where even the mentally ill were cured. Those possessed by demons were carried hither on carts, from the most distant countries. Thousands were cured.

g Evil spirits feared to approach. The madness began at 50 kilometres from San Salvador. Demons began to emerge from the possessed: they cried out, named themselves and their sins, talked about where they had come from… The unfortunate ones fell down completely exhausted, and rose cured.

The revelation about the father of pure love

g The first of the fifteen stages of the consulamentum anticipated the revelation about the Father of pure love: about the Divinity who resorts solely to the language of love and to no other. The first conversation with the mentors was devoted to this sermon.

g The second stage was the teaching about the unconditional and absolute character of this love.

g The third was the revelation about the spiritual potential of man. Heavenly love should be brought to life by the action of the Holy Spirit and by the perfect purity to which the ascetic is summoned.

The course of catharsis, from 3 months to 3 years

g A lengthy catharsis followed the passing of the first three stages.
g In specially assigned places the ascetics passed a period of the deepest repentance and purification by the Holy Spirit.

g Some needed daily confession (for several hours, several times a day). The greatest significance was given to confession, but it had nothing in common with the grating in the confessional or with the imposition of the priestly stole (epitrachelion). There were no threats or intimidations. It was not even a question of 'sin' or 'guilt', but of the deep damage done to the Godman under the influence of the prince of this world.

g The Cathar experience of catharsis demonstrated the perspective of the purest light, and the insight of the extent of man's fall into the earthly darkness. The consulamentum was combined with the melioramentum.

The first stage of catharsis

g As the perfect elders taught, in its natural condition the soul sees   itself with inserted Luciferic vision. During the confession on San Salvador the cloud of the Holy Spirit sanctified man, and he began to see himself with the eyes of Our Almighty. The deepest repentance began.

g Such was the first stage of catharsis. Before the face of love the soul was wounded by the depth of its former delusion and sobbed never-endingly, passionately desiring to begin all over again.

g In such a condition the beginner needed help. The instruction was accomplished at the foot of San Salvador. Special perfect ones came down from the mountain in order to help the pilgrims to become gradually purified of internal rubbish, dust and poison.

g It was the task of the mentor to show the putrid and cunning work of the prince of this world and to erase the traces of the adaptative remodelling in the lowest depths. To restore the soul against the prince of this world, and thus return love to Our Divinity.

g The souls were happy, seeing how easily the chimeras, foul-ups, temptations, clouds, and shells (names the mentors preferred to use, avoiding expressions of the type 'unforgotten sins’ or ‘forgotten transgressions') fell from them.

g The course could last from three months to three, thirty, and even fifty years. Not a single person was able to ascend to the Holy of holies and remain in the Cathar castle for longer than a month (to go into the 'second' airy sea), until the forbidden adaptative remodelling of Lucifer had retreated.

g The purification was accomplished as if by itself – by the Holy Spirit.
g The order of the prince of this world passed away. The heavenly Father of the exceedingly wise right hand returned to Rex Mundi his own accursed affairs.

The four stages of initiation

g Those freed from the modelling of the prince of this world were called pure (1). The perfect ones (2) were those who had achieved a stage of the masterly modelling of the Holy Spirit.
g Then followed the stage of the anointed one (3): christ, the small redeemer. And the level of the immortal (4): life in heaven and on earth in one and the same immortal body.

Another spirituality

Another spirituality stuns: purification is possible outside of the framework of sacramental confession.
g The elders of San Salvador called the traditional confession (with the ritual prayers ‘not I, but God hears’, ‘name your sins’, ‘you are forgiven, child, by the mercy and intercession of the Blessed Virgin’ and so on) a usual ruse of Rex Mundi. Cathar spirituality excluded sin-centric elements:

g  ‘Rex Mundi wants to lure you into a third trap, beyond the grave, for the sake of which he frightens and scares. Confession to the priest before the Catholic grating does not liberate one from the prince of this world and his cunning moves, but only multiplies enslavement in the sin-centric snare.

g Repentance before the face of fear is doubly harmful, and makes one doubly neurotic. It will never lead to perfect holiness, will never bring the Holy Spirit, and will never purify the deepest defeats of the psyche, which reveal themselves only under the ray of pure and great love.

g From the beginning all catharsis, instructions were carried out by the Holy Spirit. Its action was absolute. The cloud of the Holy Spirit stood above San Salvador until the fifteenth century, greater here than anywhere else in the world.

The Cathars took bread away from the Romans

g The Catholics suffered complete defeat. In San Salvador and in other castles tens, hundreds, and thousands of souls were purified almost instantaneously. Sometimes there was a common confession: up to several thousand people came to the foot of the mountain. By the action of the Holy Spirit faces were illuminated and angelic hypostases were returned.

g The Catholics in the monasteries confessed one and the same sins for 10, 20, or thirty years. As a result, every second one had a growing terror and neurosis.

g The parishioners of the Catholic temples remained far from holiness. Holiness was not set as a goal; on the contrary, it was considered extremely suspicious.

g Any displays of holiness (especially in the epoch of the Inquisition, beginning already in the tenth century) were regarded as hostile. But a fixation on sins was extremely welcomed.

g The Roman Catholic priests came to life, when they felt that a haul had arrived, which needed their consecration, wafers, and so on. On the contrary, when the action of the Holy Spirit began, the papal curia choked with spite: no place for it was found.
g The Cathars, liberating thousands of people from the  tying ups of  Rex Mundi, took bread away from the Romans.

Silence and peace in San Salvador

g The seals of oral prayer passed away …
g For two weeks before the ascent, after the three month cycle of catharsis, was planned a period of silence.   There acted a special grace.  

The breath of the airy sea

g The silence and peace in San Salvador were indescribable. Oral prayer was considered to be only the first stage. With the purification of the entire internal essence began the breath of the airy sea. The second sea gave miraculous breath (in the lungs of the entire internal essence) and a silent prayer accompanying it.

Adoration as divinization

g The Cathar key: man needs adoration as he needs divinization. If you want to divinize a man: adore him to death, do not see anything bad in him, endure until the last and bear for him his cross, as you are able. Here is all the Cathar spirituality.

g When a man hears the words 'I adore', his face begins to shine. Orphan wounds pass.

g In the sin-centric ‘Abrahamism’ it is the opposite. As much as possible suspect, hate, see in man darkness and sin, deceive him, bewitch him,  turn him into Lucifer, turn him into Satan…

g The sin-centric confession turns man into Satan. It is impossible for a man to rummage in his sins under the threat of fear. It only unearths Lucifer's fly-droppings from within.

g True purification occurs before the face of love, the vision of the countenance of the heavenly Father. Then it is already impossible to sin.

g Metanoia (the second circle of repentance) comes only upon the agreement of the soul to change the whole order of its existence. Then another world, another reality, another being will reveal themselves to the soul: otherness, pakibytie.

g Above San Salvador stood the greatest cloud of pakibytie . Entrance into San Salvador is the entrance into pakibytie.

g Spirituality begins with the entry of the soul into pakibytie, in which also occurs its unity with the loving Father and with all creation, purified and also dwelling in pakibytie in the same way. It is also acquainted with close and distant ones, united from different lives.

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