The hours of divinization,
the hours of communion with the second christ

I. The first gates for Theohumanity

g We drew our inspiration, our faith, our superadmiring mode of thought, our mysteries, our modelling of the new man, our vision of Christ, solely from the throne of El-Elion - our all-perfect Father.

g Father Theogamites, the sunny Cathars of the twenty-first century, read in your hearts of astounding beauty the worship of Our Lady in the eastern Byzantine code.

g Now, with the lighting of the new, ever-burning lamp in your internal castles, see our Father of sunny love, of superior images, and of the hypostasis of Our Lady.

g Love Him, seeing the unseen - may His image be established before your spiritual gaze! Worship Him with hot, completely devoted fervour - even more than that with which you loved the Mother of God, worshipping her in the years of the first communion. And you will see what kinds of fruits the key, given by us , will bring you.

g My child, for the first time, for the sake of the 85th Theocivilization, proclaimed by you, we are conveying the treasure of treasures, the mysterious images of the father, lost by modern man and intended for the Adamites, transubstantiating into Seraphites.

g Without the sunny disk in the interior of the Cathar cross, without the little candle, lighted in the heart, you will not see Our Father.

g Such are the first gates, revealed today for the Theohumanity - El Elevado Superior, El Elion.

See the Father with our eyes

g God's kingdom (however much you taught about it in your sermons in the liturgies, however strongly you summoned it in the revelations of Split, Miromar, and Nightingale Mountain), revealed itself vaguely. Eyes saw the light shortsightedly, not seeing further than several metres in the boundless distances.

g Now, when the sunny disk of Our Divinity has been lighted in your heart, see the Father with our eyes,

g may you enter into the deepest, ecstatic, world eternal, experienced by us in the internal Cathar castles and on the peaks of celestial towers.

g My child, do not simply inherit His transcendental spheres and most divine names - live by them.

g Master the highest truths of our church one after another, and your soul will fill with the fragrant aroma of the pastures of Heaven. I hear singing:

O El Elion O
Superadmiring bliss
greater than Нimself 
sunny Divinity!
O Beloved O
(Bridal chamber procession with brides)

II. The divine chalice

g No creations of human hands, however skillfully made from gold and silver and even more valuable metals, are able to replace the sunny Chalice of Our Divinity.

g Our Father is the Chalice, full of the myrrhic drops of the tears of pure love, of divine tenderness.
g Our Christ is the Chalice.
g Our Mother of God is the Chalice.
g The Holy Spirit is the ungrasped, transubstantiating Chalice.
g The heavens, my child, are a form of the sunny chalice of Our Divinity.
g And the earth seeks to accept the contours of the Grail.
g Millions today seek the secret of our entrances.

g Give it to them, my child: the San Grial, the myrrhic composition of original immaculateness - the mystery of our Father of fathers, the God of gods, the Divinity of divinities, the Christ of christs. Thus prayed your fathers in the earthly days:

Eloi /
Superadmiring bliss /
greater than Himself /
sunny Divinity /

g Thus, the second revelation (after the sunny hypostasis of our Father) before the spiritual gaze of the true disciple of Christ is the divine Chalice, its mysterious composition from the blood of Our Divinity.

III The gates: the secret of the composition of the blood of christ

g Master the most marvellous secret of the composition of the blood of Christ.
g His blood was not of human origin, not of the blood and lust of men.
g The composition of the blood of the Anointed Sovereign is absolutely of divine origin.
g His immortal spiritual bodies remained divine (during Advent).
g His residence in the world was mysterious. Do not confuse this with the conception from the Virgin Mary.

g Rid yourself of the version - of the Annunciation of the archangel Gabriel as from a hallucination (How will this occur? - The Holy Spirit will come upon You, and the power of the Almighty will overshadow You) We called the Gospel tales popular nonsense. From them, believe it, come more evil and prohibitions than from simple pure-hearted atheism.

g The blind man does not pretend to anything. The mad man considers himself seeing, whereas he is more than blind.

g Enough of this cowardly hunted madness under the threat of the Roman bugbear.

g We feared nothing, and you should not be afraid. There are no fears. Before the sun of Our Divinity there is never-ending grace.

g My child, Christ took His human composition not from the Mother of God.
g It is impossible to liken Christ to a mere man. Otherwise we cannot flee the temptations - of inherited corruption, - of the birth of Our Lady in original sin and other sin-centric vileness and abuse.

That which the perfect ones called the secret of the chalice

g To partake from without, even in pakibytie, in the exalted condition, was considered to be the lot of the first stages of initiation into the highest secrets.

g The perfect ones were awarded with more, my child: Christ dissolved into them, Christ transubstantiated into them.

g The transubstantiation of the Chalice of chalices (12 great and 144 small) reflected a still higher mystery.

g Each of the twelve great keepers of the Chalice experienced absolute and complete identification with Him, and even became not 'one with Him', but Christ himself, stunned by His holy belittling (kenosis), by His capacity for dissolving. These were the indescribable hours of the descent of the divinity of Christ into the interior of the most worthy of His disciples.

g Such is the grace of the true sons and daughters of Our Divinity,' He said after our grateful libations.

g I am one with the Father, as you are one with Me. I dissolve with Our Divinity on His divine 150-stage sunny thrones, as My beautiful disciples are  dissolved with their Teacher.

The 144th castle, the 'Bridal chamber'

g My child, we experienced ineffable bliss when Christ descended into our interior. We understood: in each of us there was the body of Christ, inhabited by the fullness of His divinity!

g Accept the regal Eucharist from the sacred Chalice - THE BODY OF CHRIST. Not as symbolically converted everyday wine and bread, but as the mysteriously transubstantiated gifts in the castles of the sacred Grail.
Absolutely ineffable bliss enveloped me: Juan of the Holy Chalice gave me the condition of the combination for Christ.
Our Slavic father-Theogamites lived by Him. They believed Him to be the pinnacle of being Christ-like - of the ascent along the staircase of sacred mysterious speculations and combinations, of Theogamic admirations.

g The beloved one wearied our hearts, when (after the most moving blisses) he said, that something more is possible .
- What more could there be? We were amazed.

g Combination into one for the Father, called the 144th Castle, the Bridal Chamber.

g Immediately after it is the 145th (the next twelve stages), the Bridal Odr of the coming civilization of Our Divinity.

g But first let Me enter into your interior. Continue to make exorcistic efforts regarding the expulsion of the Elohimic spirits from the castles revealed by Me.

g In each of them should be conducted a daily cleaning. As you erase dust from the surface of furniture and windows, daily erase the grey dust of mundane devotions, having stuck into the heart...

The mystery of purification

g The mystery of purification. Create it, my child, with the fullness of the authority, entrusted to you with the news about the second conversion of the world.

g Have absolute authority over the scoundrel, the nobody and the bigot, who dares to lay claim to his influence on the anointed sovereign.

g Only kind people were able to profess the kind Father. And only the saints could profess the Father of the holiest of holies. The vessel is like those who inhabit it

g This is why the first stage in the school of spiritual ascents is the purifying disciple of the laving blessings.

g Do not worry. The Roman - Christ will be erased like that of Byzantium. Whereas our Christ will be the destiny of all the earth.

g The time of our triumph is near! It will come astoundingly soon. Do not despair! Believe.

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