The love, which can not be found on the earth

Legends of the Holy Grail


The Lord enraptured her in body and soul to Heaven.

magdMary Magdalene. She was looking for love. She was a courtesan; fine lady of free behaviour. One could hardly call her a prostitute, but something close to it. She was falling in love. Some kind of modern lesbo-homo, searching for heavenly love, for that, which does not exist on the earth. And she found it.

They wanted to execute her, bang down with stones. He saved her. And she saw in Him more than a Savior. Orthodox and catholic Hebrews subsequently called Him: The Savior, The Redeemer and so on - The synagogue, contemporized to Christ. She saw in Him the love, which can not be found on the earth. She fell in love with Him. She was entirely miraculously purified by the Lord and became the greatest among the anointed ones.

It was opened to her that He will live a thousand years, that He was the immortal God. And she loved Him madly, as He was worthy. She was instructed by the Blessed Virgin. She looked at the way Our Lady saw Him, and she imitated Her. She saw Him with Her eyes. In some way she even surpassed John the Apostle in her passionate love of a wife myrrh-bearer.

Magdalene understood that He risked with life when He said to the Hebrews: let the one who is without sin throw the first stone. They could hit Him with the stone. But she wanted to die for Him; die of love for Him. She was falling into a state of exhaustion in her passionate: purified, virgin heavenly amorousness - the culmination of human destination. Pharisees maliciously thought: how dared He approach the fornicators and publicans! But they became the perfect anointed ones! And the synagogue became the whore of Babylon ; that former virgin.

Mary Magdalene waited for Him in delight, she listened to His every word. In delight she poured out precious myrrh from the alabaster vessel, which provoked the malice of Judas Iscariot who was absolutely supported by the disciples. Why, they said, do you pour out such precious myrrh on His head? And He said prophetical words for all times: "You will yet have time to give out myrrh to the beggars, but I will no longer be here. She prepared Me for the burial in the body of glory. She anointed Me for immortality and resurrection, and therefore, wherever the Gospel shall be preached, let her name be mentioned", the other Mary.

Mary Magdalene in such passionate state finds out about the Lord's arrest, on Spy Wednesday in Gethsemane . She learns how they tie together His hands, spit out to His face, mock at Him. She can not understand anything. The One which resurrected Lazarus, the immortal God, divine love, which can not be found on the earth. She unconditionally trusts Him, being the first-anointed by the Grail, and she doubts not a bit, that it should be so. But nobody understands it, except the three of them: The Blessed Virgin Mary, Mary Magdalene and John, the loved beloved one.

And she literally begins to loose her mind. Mad love, going mad of love - the name of Mary Magdalene in the Grail. "Is it possible not to go mad after seeing Him and hearing His voice?" - she spoke to another virgins myrrh-bearers, purified by Him.

But then she truly almost lost her mind when she learned that evildoers sentenced Him to death penalty! She was convinced that He will simply open their ranks and walk through them, as triumphant Caesar. A death penalty for God? But then she finds out that He is not doing any of those things, for the sake of that love which can not be found on the earth. And she thinks to herself: "O! He purified me. He made a myrrh-anointed virgin out of the damned fornicatress. And now He wishes to do the same with the whole Israel and the whole humanity! O!"

During the Lord's crucifixion she was in a state not understandable to the world, which could be called - the culmination of passionate. The world understands nothing about it. It's love, which can not be found on the earth. Mary Magdalene turns into a somnambulist going mad of love. Tousled hair. She is in madness, holy-madwoman of love. She founds herself in a state inside of the Grail called - deadly yearning for the heavenly Beloved. She literally dies, wears out. She already doesn't understand anything. She is left without her last forces. She's giving them away to Him. She is crucified together with Him. She is tormented by the deadly thawing yearning. Deadly yearning - the culmination of passionate. In this deadly yearning together with two crucified brigands and wife-myrrh bearers, she endures His Jerusalem Golgotha.

magdHe comes to her at night in the form of an archangel - she is so senseless that she can not recognize Him - and He pierces her heart with fiery spear (the kaducej of Divine Wisdom). Mary Magdalene falls into a faint. And very early in the next morning, as it is written in the Gospel According to St. John , she hastens to the grave in order to embrace Him, kiss Him, shed on Him her myrrh-like tears. She becomes the alive alabaster vessel. O, everywhere, where the Gospel shall be preached, let her name be mentioned.

She is already prepared to enter the sepulcher, when she sees an angel, saying to her: "What are you doing here? He is not here. He resurrected". She understands nothing. She is in the holy madness of love. Her Beloved, where is He? Where is the Lord? What have you done with Him? Where have you placed Him? Give Him back to me. He belongs to me.

And instantly He came to her. John writes: she did not recognize Him. When He came to her, she saw in Him the gardener in white garments, that holy-madwoman of love. "Ah! Rabbi, - she said, - my Bridegroom". And in perfect peace she was elevated above the ground. She did not recognize Him, because He came to her as the Bridegroom. The sweetest myrrh Blood poured out from His heart.

She wanted to touch Him; to barely lightly touch Him. But He said to her: "Do not touch Me. Do not touch. It shall happen like thisв". She was embraced by the divine cloud. She was elevated one metre above the ground - O, the love which can not be found on the earth, gives a new life. Mary Magdalene immaculately conceived by the Lord, by His Golgotha - Blood, by His messianic myrrh Blood. By the messianic seed she had conceived the humanity of Christ.

My Beloved, I will never see You again. What have You done? How can I go on without You? You will live a thousand years. You will not go away, isn't it? You are with me, - just as Juliet in the Shakespeare's play, she repeated, somnambulist-like Mary Magdalene, as if in a dream. And He consoled her, the Christ real as ever, from pakibitie, from the Kingdom, where this immaculate conception took place. He was saying to her: "Mary, I am more than your Bridegroom. I am the Husband of glory. And I shall do more, than be with you; I shall be in you, My daughter. And you will conceive the second Jesus Christ, the very image of Me, the second God-man. You will become the new birth-giver of God and mother of the new nation. I will hand over to you the immaculate beginning (origin), which does not exist on the earth".

I have carried out the Last Supper with disciples in Jerusalem , and I have said: "this is My Blood and My Flesh” and I allowed them to drink It. But with you, I shall make the Eucharist of the Gospel III. We shall call it Messianic. My Blood will enter you as a seed. And My Flesh will become your flesh. And from our Marriage Odr, My daughter, My bride, a beautiful boy shall be born. Name him Joseph the Magnificent, forth after the Beautiful Egyptian, Joseph the Fiance and Joseph of Arimathaea. Name him so, in honor of Joseph the Fiance, endlessly loved by Me".

Mary Magdalene says to Him: "Ah, my Lord, Eloi, I will not see You again, will I?" - "No, - He answers, - Emmanuel! I am always with you"."A-a. I will not see You again. But as a consolation You are giving me a little boy. I shall name him Joseph, in honor of Joseph the Fiance. I shall look at him, as Mary looked at Her Infant God and take comfort in it. In him, I shall see You, isn't it?" The Savior smiled.

"Yes, Mary, - He said to her. - But it will be not for long. I shall create a different miracle with you, the highest one". - "What kind of miracle, my Lord." Our son will not replace you. Day before I had promised the brigand to take him to heaven. But you I shall take to the Marriage Chertog. I shall take you there even before Mary- the Blessed Virgin. And you will experience the love, which can not" - "Which can not be found on the earth, isn't it, my Lord?" - "No, Mary. You will experience the love, which can not be found in heaven". And nine months after His crucifixion and His apparition in the sepulcher, she gave birth to a beautiful boy and she named him Joseph. And before long she died.

The Lord enraptured her to Heaven in body and soul. And nothing was left of Mary Magdalene, but her son Joseph, an orphan, just as our Lord, as a matter of fact. At the age of seven, Joseph of Arimathaea introduced him to the Chalice. It was very Joseph of Arimathaea to whom Mary entrusted Joseph the youngest, by the Lord's blessing. He accepted Joseph the successor as a part of his family. In the ancient esoteric chronicles he figures as the twelfth son of Joseph, Joseph the youngest. He opened the Grail to him, as he never opened It to anyone before, saying these words: "This is your Father". And little Joseph, looking at the glassy, mirror-like surface of the Grail, saw in It the Heaven and repeated: "Yes. This is my Daddy! This is my heavenly Daddy! Abba, Abba, Abba". The words of apostle Paul in his epistles "Abba Father, Abba Qua (Gfa)" (as some Judaic Adonay, Elogin and so on) can not even be compared to the words of exclamation coming out of Joseph's mouth: "This is my heavenly Daddy! Abba Father".

iosifA boy of unearthly beauty was born, there is no such beauty on the earth. A boy of unearthly love, there is no such love on the earth. When the first year of his life was fulfilled, the Lord came to him and said: "My Child, My Father adorned Me with the crown of Tsar of Heaven and earth, and you shall become My successor, father of the Messianic dynasty. Your children shall become the powerful monarchs of Europe . Being of My Blood and My beginning (origin), they shall inherit royal crowns of the Heavenly Jerusalem. As perfect prophets, they shall see the Almighty with their own eyes. As perfect tsars, anointed from above, they shall govern in harmony with the laws of Wisdom. And as perfect priests, they shall fulfill the act of myrrh-anointment and anoint the brides to the Marriage Chertog".

Many descendants of Joseph the Sweetest, younger one (after Joseph of Arimathaea, the first Sweetest One), shall later on become the Merovinges, Stuarts, and then Romanovs (Nikolay II and Mihail (Michael), Seraphim the Most Tender), keepers of the Chalice of Grail. Joseph the Sweetest - the new Abraham. The Father had said to Abraham: The new humanity will come from you. You shall become the father of new nations! The number of them shall be as innumerable as the sea-sand and stars in Heaven. And our Lord Jesus Christ said the following words to Joseph the youngest: to you I shall give back all the earthly and heavenly kingdoms. And your dynasty shall govern for thousands of years on the earth, but in a different way than pagan tsars coming up to then - going through its passionate, anointment and the cross, until our Messianic dynasty establishes and triumphs on the earth.

This was the Marriage Odr, for the first time, the culmination of the Gospel. Here what the Lord has done. The unfruitful gives birth and the unfruitful conceives. The Heavens applauded.

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