Blessed John about himself

otecI live to offer myself as a sacrifice for Love towards my  followers.  I live for their sake, for the sake of pure and bright Love. I am ready to suffer for Love more and more, for my disciples to be happy. The only thing I wish for them is the  beatitude and bliss which I have experienced myself.
Looking back at my life, I see nothing but Love. The rest is being erased. Journeys made, books written, fears endured, motherland, numerous meetings.
It is impossible not to love  man. He deserves nothing but Love. You can make him inspired and perfect only by Love. He has got  only one  potential  - the potential of Love. How many wonderful souls were killed struggling against  cruelty and dictatorship. What high motives the souls are guided by! They are fearless. They are ready to give this only life for the sake of the high idea, because the peak of these high ideas is the Queen Crowned, the Highest Heavenly Love.

Short biography

Blessed John was born in 1946 in Moscow. He has got  brilliant education as the musician and  the  philologist, finishing   the  musical  college  and  graduating from   the University of linguistics and  taught  English   in   Moscow University at the philosophical faculty. Attaining great success in all these   professional spheres he was persistently   interested in the great mystical teachings reading the books of the great elders such as Seraphim Sorovsky and other saints, trying to find the answers to many deep spiritual questions. He studied   foreign languages including ancient Greek and Hebrew to read the  spiritual scriptures in original.
He was greatly blessed, meeting two great elders –nuns, saint Evfrosinia and Maria ,who have acquired the Holy Spirit on their spiritual path. He was closely united with them, he grasped the fire of the Holy Spirit acquiring and strong zeal for the life in holiness.   Blessed John left everything in this world: career, friends, earthly interests and devoted all his life to spiritual development and acquiring the Holy Spirit .He says: “Man without the Holy spirit is like a pen without ink or car without fuel”.   . He is open- minded and not restricted by a certain faith, nation or tradition. He proclaims the way of the universal spirituality.  
He is the true   chosen  vessel of the Exceeding Divine Wisdom  as Mother of God started to give him Her revelations for  the  future transfigurated life on the Earth in 1985 and continues up to the present. These revelations are printed in  great number of books, where the spiritual divine treasury is opened for the humanity. Blessed John has become  the disciple  of the Mother of God, knowing the mysteries of the divine worlds and  the spiritual path. Everything he does is full of divine grace; he has opened the  spheres of true holiness, repentance, prayer, virginity, acquiring of the Holy Spirit. The Heavenly Father has given him the ability to  influence upon the destinies  and those who follow his recommendations and advices   have got essential changes  in their life  for the better. He is the great teacher of Heavenly love and kindness. There are more  than 400 books, divine scrolls, written by him which are translated in other languages as he has got many followers in different countries of the world.

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