otecBlessed John is the phenomenon of a new civilization, the sign of the emerging epoch, the great enlightment of minds and bright perspectives. The creator of the revolution of the Spirit!!! He reveals the lost archetype of the mankind, opens the dazzling perspective of the inexhaustible potential of the human soul.

Blessed John is the worthy representative of intellectual elite, who treasures the archetype of its virtues: high erudition, uncompromising viewpoints, bright intellect and ability of deep perception.

The inimitable originality of style, bright aphoristic character of the language, stupefaction of new images daringly allow his 350 books to be the part of spiritual thought masterpieces of the third millennium. Books by Blessed John are published in total edition of a million and a half copies, and have found their readers from England to New Zealand and from Japan to India.

Blessed John has abolished the old god with his angry doctrines of awful judgment and inevitable recompense for the sins, and opened to the mankind the new God – the Father of Pure Love.

The anointer confirms that only pure Love without violence and usurpation can transform the world.

The mankind goes through hard spiritual crisis. Blessed John reveals to the community of the world a wonderful way out, a great nation-wide idea - the birth of new godmankind. It is invited to establish unprecedented society on the Earth, higher than democratic one - the God-civilization III.

In order to understand Blessed John, it is necessary to go beyond the stereotypes of human thinking and existing images of decrepit centuries-old tradition. Every Father John speech, book, or revelation is the unique new word that is being revealed to the mankind for the first time. From Blessed John pages the ode of the magnificence to the Man, to his divine potential is resounding.
Directing the humanity to the mysteries of the forthcoming God-civilization, Blessed John reveals dazzling heights of spiritual mission of the mans predestination.

The mission of Blessed John cannot be related to any of the adopted clichs, like the pastor, poet, writer, revolutionary, teacher. He is always greater than that. His credo is to excel permanently. This is what he teaches his numerous disciples and followers. His prophetic and epistle devotion can hardly be limited to words, books and preaching.

First books by Blessed John declared him to be an outstanding writer.
Aphoristic character, shrewd and deep thought, bright intellect and unsurpassed hights of his writing skills have made his books inimitable bestsellers. He is called the "Russian Shoppenhauer". The multi-volumed collection "The Fire of Repentance" is the classic of Russian spirituality. Never before could anyone penetrate such depths of the human soul. Each word was reached through invaluable experience of passing the periods of spiritual way, fiery crises and mystical enlightments.

Blessed John looks into the future with joyful optimism, ignoring the hysterics of homebred oracles about the end of the world. He firmly believes that the greatest spiritual flourishing is awaiting the humanity. Some little time will pass and the ruler of the world will admit his final defeat and crash.

Thousands of people flow to Blessed John - outstanding statesmen, politicians, mature scientists and academicians, famous writers and ordinary people from prisoners to the homeless. Nobody has been left disappointed or dissatisfied. After getting wise recommendations, they moved away from decrepit affections and agonizing vices. They took the spiritual way, got purified and learnt the Divine Love through daily effort of spiritual seclusion.

As a brilliant writer and accomplished master of the word, he has successfully conducted a great number of meetings, conferences and presentations in Japan, America, Italy, Germany, Spain, Croatia, Canada. Uniqueness, frequent sensationalism and wide peacemaking activity of his books have placed Blessed John among outstanding thinkers of modern times. He is truly the spiritual leader of the new epoch, outrunning his time and his generation.


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